Power Past Coal coalition statement opposing the John Henry coal mine

Marcela Gara News, Uncategorized

The Power Past Coal coalition opposes the John Henry Coal mine in Black Diamond, Washington. Our coalition is comprised of communities who are already and would further be affected by the health, safety, environmental, economic, and climate impacts of mining, shipping, and burning of coal. Given these impacts, we stand with the Black Diamond Community and the other communities on the truck routes who would be affected by the transport of coal by opposing this proposal to recommence pit-coal mining at the mine after almost 20 years of dormancy. We ask that Washington decision-makers and leaders protect communities from the harmful aspects of the project, including potentially rejecting the permits for this project, and weighing in with permitting agencies such as the Office of Surface Mining, the Washington Department of Ecology, and King County.

For more information on the mining proposal, you can read here: https://www.wrcc.osmre.gov/initiatives/johnHenryMine.shtm

You can sign a petition against the mine here: bit.ly/johnhenrycoalmine To become more engaged with the John Henry Mine effort, please contact Alyssa Barton at Puget Soundkeeper. Alyssa@pugetsoundkeeper.org