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Six states join Gov. Inslee in Millennium lawsuit

Marcela Gara News

By Rose Lundy, Reporter, The Daily News

Six more states have joined the lawsuit over a proposed Longview coal export dock to support Washington Gov. Jay Inslee’s administration, bringing the number of states involved up to 13 — more than a quarter of the nation’s 50 states.

Attorneys general from California, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts and Oregon this week filed an amicus brief in defense of the Inslee administration. The suit, brought in federal court by the parent company of Millennium Bulk Terminals, accuses the governor’s administration of interfering with foreign and interstate trade by denying permits for the controversial project.

“Broadly speaking, this action is about the scope of a state’s authority to exercise its traditional police powers … to safeguard public health, safety and the environment. (The lawsuit’s) claims directly threaten these traditional and vital state functions,” the states argued in the amicus brief.

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