Coal Dust: Fugitive Coal Dust Emissions in Canada 2001

Eric Shew

A comprehensive study of coal dust emissions from mine to ship. “Coal Terminals by their nature are active sources of fugitive coal dust.” (p.73)  Version 1.0.0  74 View(s)  2.14 MBDownload

Coal Export: The Greenhouse Gas Impact of Exporting Coal from the West Coast

Allison Roberts

Proponents of the coal export terminals claim that opening up the West Coast to the export of Powder River Basin coal will only change the source of the coal burned in Asia—not the total amount. This white paper explains why these arguments are incorrect, and inconsistent with both the basic principles of economics as well as the abundant literature regarding …

Carbon Offshoring: The Legal and Regulatory Framework for U.S. Coal Exports

Allison Roberts

This report examines the legal and regulatory framework for U.S. coal exports, focusing in particular on the significant improvements in railroad and port infrastructure that will be necessary in order to boost the volume of overseas coal shipments to the degree anticipated by recent industry projections.  Version 1.0.0  32 View(s)  0.18 KBDownload

Power Past Coal

Allison Roberts

 Version 1.0.0  7 View(s)  0.17 KBDownload

Coal: Full cost accounting for the life cycle of coal

Allison Roberts

Coal is far more expensive than reflected in its cost per kilowatt hour as electricity. Epstein explains the many additional costs society pays for coal, and points to the possibility that we only have a few decades of coal left at current consumption rates.  Version 1.0.0  37 View(s)  0.17 KBDownload