Kurt Waldenberg

North Sound Energy & Remodel

“Leaders across our state and region are charting a healthy and more sustainable economic path, where millions of tons of coal are not being shipped to Asia through our region’s deep-water ports. We can have local economic prosperity and health in our communities without long trains of coal passing through our cities and towns. We can do better. “My business, North Sound Energy & Remodel, provides residential energy-efficiency services to homeowners across Whatcom County. I currently provide third-party home energy evaluation under contract as a BPI Certified Building Analyst with the Community Energy Challenge.  In my role as a building analyst, I conduct in-home testing, including indoor air quality evaluations. “The energy-efficiency work that I do for homeowners is, at least partially, measured by the resulting reduction in carbon emissions after the energy retrofit services are complete.   The carbon emission reductions associated with our retrofit work would be more than nullified by even a small fraction of the desired coal export to Asia. “In terms of the local impact that coal trains will have upon my customers, our community and the overall economy, it is difficult to know for certain.  But one hundred and sixty physicians in Whatcom County have stated publicly that there would be long-term cumulative effects on the health in our region. We can do better.”

Articles on businesses rejecting coal in the community

Kurt is an experienced home energy specialist, weatherization technician and specialty building contractor. He is also a longtime resident and active community member of Bellingham, WA. Kurt has come out against coal export because of the carbon emissions associated and large potential health impacts the proposal would have on the northwest.