Coal Dust: Fugitive Coal Dust Emissions in Canada 2001

Eric Shew

A comprehensive study of coal dust emissions from mine to ship. “Coal Terminals by their nature are active sources of fugitive coal dust.” (p.73)  Version 1.0.0  86 View(s)  2.14 MBDownload

Scoping Comment Card

Allison Roberts

 Version 1.0.0  15 View(s)  0.17 KBDownload

Coal Shipping: Coal Export Diversion to Canada

Allison Roberts

This paper analyzes current and projected export capacity in British Columbia, concluding that, if the US does not build export terminals, it is extremely unlikely that US coal companies could divert coal to Canadian ports.  Version 1.0.0  25 View(s)  137.75 KBDownload

Coal Costs: Ambre Energy: Caveat Investor

Allison Roberts

An in-depth report on Ambre Energy’s financial statements, as well as public records of other companies, reveals extreme financial difficulty.  Version 1.0.0  17 View(s)  0.16 KBDownload

Coal Shipping: The Facts about Kinder Morgan

Allison Roberts

Examination of coal shipper Kinder Morgan track record of pollution, law-breaking, and cover-ups.  Version 1.0.0  19 View(s)  1.98 MBDownload

Coal Costs: US Coal Exports and Uncertainty in Asian Markets

Allison Roberts

An analysis of U.S. coal exporting market stability, and future financial predictions in international markets in terms of geography, proximity and competition.  Version 1.0.0  18 View(s)  0.19 KBDownload

Coal Shipping: Northwest Fossil Fuel Exports

Allison Roberts

This report examines fossil fuel projects being proposed, built or expanded in the Pacific Northwest including three expanded oil pipelines, six natural gas pipelines and seven expanded coal export terminals.  Version 1.0.0  12 View(s)  0.18 KBDownload

Coal Costs: The Morrow Pacific Project

Allison Roberts

Australian firm, Ambre Energy, plans to ship coal by rail to Port of Morrow; however, financial disclosures suggest that the project would face unusually high costs in three areas: 1) high handling costs, 2) high transportation costs, and 3) high capital costs.  Version 1.0.0  24 View(s)  0.17 KBDownload