Millennium Coal Export Terminal: Court of Appeals Upholds Shoreline Permit Rejection

Kristi Nakata News, Press Release

The proposal to build the largest coal export terminal in North America on the banks of the Columbia River just had another legal setback.

The Washington State Court of Appeals today affirmed the state Shorelines Hearings Board decision upholding a 2017 Cowlitz County Hearing Examiner denial of necessary development permits for the project. The Hearing Examiner found that the project’s developers could not sufficiently mitigate the significant and harmful impacts to water quality, air quality, and public health.

A link to today’s ruling can be found HERE.

Statement from Kristen Boyles, Attorney for Earthjustice on behalf of the Power Past Coal coalition:

“This proposed terminal has been litigated for years – it’s time to move on and focus on building tomorrow’s economy, not long-shot schemes to prop up yesterday’s industries.”