No Coal Export

Tell the WA Dept. of Ecology to say NO to the nation’s largest coal export terminal

Marcela Gara News, Uncategorized

Do you think Washington State should give coal companies permission to pollute the Columbia River with toxic coal dust and worsen the climate crisis? I didn’t think so.

Tell the Washington Department of Ecology to say NO to the nation’s largest coal export terminal. Together, we can convince Ecology to deny a key water pollution permit and stop dirty coal dust from fouling the Columbia River.

Since its inception, Millennium Bulk Terminals’ proposal to build North America’s largest coal export terminal has drawn unprecedented opposition. Over 250,000 public comments have flooded in opposing the project. One or more of those comments were likely from you. Thank you!

But it’s not just residents who oppose the Millennium coal export project. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service opposes Millennium’s plans to pollute the Columbia with coal dust: “The [U.S. Fish and Wildlife] Service has significant concerns regarding the foreseeable impacts of the Millennium Longview Coal Terminal project. The Service believes that the current proposal would have adverse impacts to fish, wildlife, and tribal trust resources . . . . The Service believes that the SEPA co-leads [i.e., the Washington Department of Ecology and Cowlitz County] should recommend against approval of this proposed facility/project.[1]”

Make sure your voice is part of the mountain of opposition to coal export.

Tell Ecology to deny Millennium’s permission slip to pollute the Columbia River!

P.S. The comment period closes on July 27, 2017. Make sure your opposition to coal export is counted and comment today!