Power Past Coal coalition statement opposing the John Henry coal mine

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The Power Past Coal coalition opposes the John Henry Coal mine in Black Diamond, Washington. Our coalition is comprised of communities who are already and would further be affected by the health, safety, environmental, economic, and climate impacts of mining, shipping, and burning of coal. Given these impacts, we stand with the Black Diamond Community and the other communities on …

No Coal Export

Tell the WA Dept. of Ecology to say NO to the nation’s largest coal export terminal

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Do you think Washington State should give coal companies permission to pollute the Columbia River with toxic coal dust and worsen the climate crisis? I didn’t think so. Tell the Washington Department of Ecology to say NO to the nation’s largest coal export terminal. Together, we can convince Ecology to deny a key water pollution permit and stop dirty coal …

Coal terminal gets first permit from county

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Statement from the Power Past Coal coalition in response to the Cowlitz County Critical Areas Permit Millennium faces a number of significant hurdles before it can site the largest coal export terminal in North America on the Columbia River. Today’s decision by Cowlitz County to issue one of several permits required by the County does not change this reality. Earlier this …

One Million Voices Video Still for Power Past Coal

New Milestone, New Video

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We hit a milestone today! ONE MILLION messages to protect the Pacific Northwest from oil and coal exports delivered today! The Washington State Government and the Ecology Department of Washington can take action and block fossil fuel exports! Share this video and tag them today! And be sure to check out our new video!    

Top Canadian official requests an end to U.S. coal exports out of Canada

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  SEATTLE– Yesterday, one of the Canada’s top officials, Premier Christy Clark, requested that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stop the export of U.S. coal out of British Columbia’s ports today. This request comes after the Trump Administration imposed a tax on Canadian lumber coming into the United States. If this request is approved, communities across the Pacific Northwest will benefit …

Stand Up to Oil, Power Past Coal Statement on Trump’s Executive Order to Expand Coal, Oil, and Gas Extraction and Transport

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See full News Release, here. Residents of the Pacific Northwest have long been a bulwark against coal and oil corporations, defeating destructive mega-projects like the Gateway Pacific coal terminal in Whatcom County, Washington and the Waterside Energy oil refinery in Longview, Washington. Today’s executive order only strengthens our resolve to protect our region against fossil fuels and transition to clean …

Why Does US Coal Get a Free Ride through BC?

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By Ariel Ross Americans reject terminals, so Wyoming’s coal heads to Asia through the Lower Mainland. (B.C., Canada) If you’ve ever been to the ferry terminal in Tsawwassen, you’ve seen them. The big, black piles of coal framed against the mountains as you drive down the causeway. But not all coal is created equal. One day the train crawling past …

World Bank rejects energy industry notion that coal can cure poverty

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The World Bank said coal was no cure for global poverty on Wednesday, rejecting a main industry argument for building new fossil fuel projects in developing countries. In a rebuff to coal, oil and gas companies, Rachel Kyte, the World Bank climate change envoy, said continued use of coal was exacting a heavy cost on some of the world’s poorest …